FMV Leases

We understand the environment you’re competing in and the power that upgrading to new equipment can play in increasing your productivity and competitiveness. A FMV lease provides you with lower monthly payments than a loan, end of term options (see below) and none of the asset disposition concerns of ownership.

Reasons to Consider Leasing

Cash Management

  • Predictable, affordable payments
  • Preserve cash and credit lines for other uses

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Customized structures
  • Rentals, tax, title and registration fees simplified into one easy payment
  • None of the asset disposition concerns of ownership

End of term options*

  • Purchase the vehicle at the present Fair Market Value
  • Renew the contract at the present Fair Rental Value for mutually agreeable term
  • Return the vehicle within stated terms and conditions

 *Full terms and conditions of FMV lease product, including terms and conditions regarding end of term options, to be contained in definitive documentation for such product.